This agreement is entered in to by the parties to reflect their financial and other arrangements concerning the use of the web site provided by, LLC., LLC., operating as, an online candidate database containing screened, highly qualified candidates, will be providing candidate information on specific candidates to you, the Hiring Company through providing access to the candidate information available on its web site. If the Hiring Company hires an candidate while it has access to the web site or within the twelve month period following the cancellation of access to, the Hiring Company will be liable for a fee for services rendered by, LLC to the Hiring Company at a rate of twenty (20) percent of the hired candidate’s base annual salary. Both the Hiring Company and the Candidate are obligated to inform, LLC that a hiring has occurred. Payment will be invoiced immediately and due fourteen (14) days after the candidate commences employment with the Hiring Company. Hiring of the candidate is deemed to occur on the day that the candidate begins their employment with the Hiring Company. Fees are only due if an candidate is hired by the Hiring Company while this agreement is in effect.

Once hired,, LLC guarantees the placement for ninety (90) days. If the candidate is discharged or leaves for any reason within the first ninety (90) days after commencing employment,, LLC will provide a full refund of any fees paid by the Hiring Company, providing that the Hiring Company has paid the fee to APA, LLC within fourteen (14) days of the candidate’s start date.

If the Hiring Company can show substantial material proof that the candidate presented to the Hiring Company has been in any kind of electronic or telephone contact regarding an employment opportunity within the previous ninety (90) days of the date on the signature line below, and the Hiring Company hires the candidate, no fee will apply. If the Company knows the candidate or knows of the candidate, and no communication with the candidate has taken place regarding an employment opportunity at any time in the last ninety (90) days, then the Hiring Company will be liable for the full fee if they hire the candidate. Any disputes under the fee provisions of this agreement will be subject to arbitration through the American Arbitration Association, to take place in White Plains, New York.

In order to receive the identifying information on any candidate profiled on the web site you must agree to the terms stated above. Please email us at using the subject "Requesting Contingency Agreement" and we will send you an executable copy.

I have read and understand and agree to, LLC terms and conditions.

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