Employer Questions

What is the fee if we hire an APASelect candidate?

The fee will be 20% of the hired candidate’s base salary and will be payable within the first 7 days after the candidate’s start date. For more information, please see our Our Process page.

Is there any guarantee on a candidate that is hired through APASelect?

Each candidate comes with an unconditional 90 day, money back guarantee which is only effective if payment terms as stated on the site are met.

As an employer, if I learn about a candidate in your database that appeals to me and I want more information, how do I proceed?

Once you’ve selected a candidate profile that interests you, you may email or call us and we will contact you to discuss the opportunity that is available within your company. Our Process

Where do these candidates come from?

The candidates that you will find in the APASelect database will come from three places. One group of candidates will be comprised of extremely talented individuals that APA Search met during a retained executive search that were not ultimately placed with their client. Another group of candidates will have applied for membership in the APASelect program and will have successfully passed our very stringent screening process. The final group of candidates will have been invited by our staff to participate in the APASelect program as a result of their impeccable industry reputation and known accomplishments.

What “level” candidates will we find in the APASelect database?

Other than entry level, you will find professionals at every level and in all functional areas.

Can we sign up to receive email notices on new candidates entering the system?

Yes, when you register you will be given the opportunity to select to receive email notifications.

Once an employer sees a candidate profile that interests them, how do they find out who the candidate is?

Should the employer decide they would like to find out who the candidate(s) is and receive their actual resume and notes; we will need to talk with the employer so we can better understand and explain the opportunity to the candidate. We will then talk with the candidate to determine their interest in the position and secure their permission to release additional information. During this process we will also forward to the employer a simple contingency fee agreement for them to sign (see Contingency Agreement).

As an employer, is there a way for me to keep track of Candidates of interest, and/or Candidates for which I've requested additional information?

Yes, you can save candidate profiles to your 'My Candidates' page. The profiles will stay on your My Candidates page until you remove them. Also, every time you request more information on a candidate(s), his/her profile is automatically saved to your My Candidates page.

Will it be possible to create a wish list of candidates that we would like to hear about that does not currently appear in your database?

Yes, when you create an employer account it will allow you to give us information on the type of candidates that you would like to hear about. If you have very specific needs you may call or email us about your needs. We might be currently engaged in processing a candidate that fits your needs.

How long will candidates remain in your database?

Candidates will remain in our database as long as they are still seriously considering a new opportunity and remain in good industry standing. If a candidate is hired through APASelect they will be made inactive in our database while they are still employed with the hiring company that worked with us.

What happens if we already know or “know of” the candidate that you have introduced us to and we want to hire the candidate?

In order to eliminate any potential conflicts, every APASelect candidate will provide us with a list of companies with which they are currently discussing employment. If the candidate feels that there might be a conflict, we will also ask every employer who they are currently considering, before any APASelect candidate resumes are sent. For complete information on Contingency Fee Agreement, click here.

How extensive are the reference checks that you do on each candidate?

Each reference check will include discussions with previous supervisors, and may also include discussions with peers and subordinates. A comprehensive and specific list of questions will be created to cover the candidate’s overall integrity, intelligence, work habits, relative and relevant experience and product/category knowledge, significant achievements, leadership skills, communication skills, strategic and tactical skills, and specific skills relative to the position that the candidate is seeking i.e. financial, sales and marketing, IT, supply chain, etc. These questions are designed to determine the candidates eligibility to be included on the site while conforming to best practices in fair employment.

Do you do any testing?

Once an employer becomes seriously interested in one of our candidates we can supply any and all types of testing and background checks. These services will be billed (at our cost) to our clients, separate and apart from our fee, on an a la carte basis. Testing is limited to job related tests that are a business necessity.

How do I edit/change my email address?

After you log in, select “Edit My Profile” and you can update your contact information, including your email address.

How do I change my password?

After you log in, select "Edit My Profile" and you can type in a new password. You will be required to enter and confirm the changed password.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

On the Home Page, click on “Forgot your password?” You will be prompted for your email address. After you enter your email address click “Reset Password.” You will see the message “Your password was successfully reset, please check your email for details,” and a temporary new password will be sent to you. Use that password to login, and then go to “Edit my Profile” to reset your password.

What should I do if I can't Login?

If your login issue is not resolved by using the “Forgot your password?” link, then please send an email to info@APASelect.com and we will assist you in resolving the problem.

How do I search for candidates?

In order to view the Candidate Database, you must first register with APASelect using “Create an Account.” This will give you access to the Candidate Database.

Will I have the ability to save my searches?

Yes, the Candidate Database allows you to search and then save your searches.

Is there a way that I can receive emails about candidates with a specific profile?

Yes, when you create your account, or you will be able to select functional areas from which you would like to hear about candidates. APASelect will include you in targeted mailing according to your interests.

How do I cancel my APASelect Employer Account?

Send an email with your instructions to info@APASelect.com

Candidate Questions

How is my identity protected?

Your profile - that appears in our public, searchable database - will showcase your credentials but be written generically enough so that no one will be able to identify you. Additionally, before your profile is added to the database, it will be sent to you for final approval and suggested changes.

What does the vetting/screening process entail and how long does it take?

Once you’ve completed your questionnaire and uploaded your resume, an assessment is made whether you meet the APASelect.com Candidate Requirements. If your application is accepted, we will then contact your references. This initial process can take up to two weeks, depending on the availability of your references. Once this step is complete, we will draft your profile and send it to you for approval.

Once an employer sees my profile and is interested, how and when do they find out who I am?

When an employer finds Candidates that interest them, they contact the APASelect team. We will discuss the employer's needs and determine whether the Candidate's and employer’s objectives are in alignment with respect to location, compensation, etc. If so, we will contact the Candidate to determine their interest in the opportunity. If the Candidate wants to pursue the position, it is at this point that we will send the person's resume and other background information to the employer. If the Candidate is NOT interested in pursuing the position, the employer is informed of this and the Candidate's identity is not divulged.

Will people be able to see my resume if I upload it?

No one except the APASelect team will ever see your resume, unless and until you approve releasing it to a potential employer (see previous FAQ).

How do I update my resume?

Sign into APASelect.com and go to the My Application tab. You will be able to delete the current resume and upload a different one.

How do I edit/change my email address?

Your email address is your unique ID to APASelect.com. You cannot change your email address. If this presents a problem, please Contact Us, and we will address the issue with you.

How do I change my password?

Sign into APASelect.com, go to the Edit My Profile tab, and you can then change your password.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

Hit the login link and click on "Forgot your password? Click here." APASelect.com will send you an email with a temporary password. When you log in with that temporary password, go to Edit My Profile and reset your password.

What should I do if I can't Login?

If you’re having problems logging in, and can’t fix it by using the "Forgot your password? Click here" option, then Contact Us and we will address the issue with you.

How can I cancel my APASelect Candidate account?

If you wish to cancel your APASelect Candidate account, please Contact Us and we will address the issue with you.

Why do I need to provide my references when I apply?

The reason why employers prefer APASelect.com is precisely because we are prescreening Candidates before we publish their profiles in the APASelect database. This is your guarantee to an employer that you are indeed a superior, “vetted” candidate.